Hillary Steckler

Hillary Steckler, owner of Verdigris

I have always been fascinated by things that have a past.  There is an air of mystery around a relic from another time, with a history much deeper than our own.

Have you ever looked into a gilded mirror and thought of all the countless faces that have gazed into the glass during its lifetime?  Or peered through an antique stained glass window and thought of all that it had witnessed, hanging in the parlor of a stately home for a century, eavesdropping on its residents.  These objects connect us with our past, when things were made with care and craftsmanship; when things were made to endure.  What does it matter that the mirror is spotted with age or the window has a hairline crack?  Does that make them less precious, or just make us more curious about a captivating back story?  Silver will tarnish, wood will weather, metal will rust, and copper will verdigris…but does that lessen their worth?  Do wrinkles ruin a person, or does some age and history just make us more authentic and beautiful?  Verdigris is not about bringing you pieces with perfection, but stuff with a story…objects with soul.

To everything, a season.